This Is another wonderful product from Roberta Shapiro, this time on a really important topic --- gaining control over eating and life choices. I really think the CD could be used for any addictive behavior, not just eating. Clearly a lot of work went into producing this -- it is of excellent quality and really a superb listen. I look forward to practicing and persistence to reach my goals.

I've been a fan of Roberta Shapiro for a while, so I was happy and surprised when my wife got this for me as a gift. I really like listening to it and the weight is actually coming off. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received!

True weight loss happens in our thoughts and in our minds, and this CD offers the powerful tools to create the mental shifts to make that happen.


I flew for the first time in 15 years last weekend. I never liked flying, but always did it anyway. I stopped flying 15 years ago due to extreme anxiety and fear. I have an 11 year old daughter who was upset that she had never been on a plane and really wanted to experience traveling. It was an eye opener. I had to make a change not only for myself, but for her. It didn't seem fair to hold her back due to my fears. I made flight reservations the next day. I was not sure how I was going to fly but knew I had to do it. My friend recommended Roberta Shapiro and the CD. I received the CD a week before my trip. I listened to track 3 (fear of flying) twice a day for the entire week and on the way to the airport. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this CD is. It was like magic. I was extremely calm and relaxed on both flights. My husband and family were all amazed by my transformation. I am no longer afraid of flying. I am now listening to track 2 and benefiting tremendously from it. Thank you Roberta!

I have a TREMENDOUS fear of flying. I'm talking panic attack, heart pounding, want to die fear. This CD totally worked for me. Roberta's CD is calm, and her voice is very soothing. I do not believe she has any accent. Must buy.

I find her voice to be very calm and the subtle music in the background helped to keep me listening throughout the whole session without getting bored. I think her meditations can help anyone who is willing to give it a try. I used to get really anxious before and during flights, but now I have more control over my anxiety.

Bought these 3 in a series, they are so relaxing I fall asleep to them. Truthfully they do their job and more. I am so happy I bought them!


I purchased your Goodbye Worries from Amazon last fall when I was getting ready for surgery – my first time ever being put under – and I was extremely anxious. I have anxiety anyway and that just kicked it into overdrive. In any event, your CD is so wonderful. I sort of set it aside for a bit (I think I just wanted to get away from anything that reminded me of the surgery – which actually went great!) and recently got back into listening to it. It’s my “break” in the middle of a stressful day and I think it’s really working. It seems like I “drop” into that state more quickly each time and I feel so much better afterward.I just wanted to express my gratitude because it’s a great comfort and resource. I see a therapist locally and I’ve told her about it for her other patients. Take care.

I downloaded this CD just yesterday, and used it for the first time when I went to bed for the night. I apparently fell asleep halfway in, which is amazing in itself, because I've struggled with chronic insomnia for over fifteen years. I have never been able to relax so fully and quickly with any of the previous CDs and tapes I've purchased over the years. But, more importantly, I realized that Ms. Shapiro's claim that it would be effective even during sleep was absolutely true. I wasn't even thinking about it, just doing something routine this morning, when a novel thought (for me) went through my head: "Not everyone is going to like me if I live out my life genuinely and express my truth, but that's okay." It took me a minute to realize that I've never before had the benefit of such a courageous outlook, and I've paid for it dearly in terms of my health, lack of productivity, and potential. I LOVE this CD, and the new voice in my head!

Goodbye Worries is the best out of all of them! I am on a medical leave from work and I listen to this CD several times a day and at night while I fall asleep. Her voice is calming and the Barrier part of the CD works very well for me. Now when a bad thought comes into my mind, my huge stone wall pops up and blocks it.

The invaluable lessons that are learnt from this CD can change someone's life and level of happiness, as they get put back into the driver's seat of their life. Coming from an almost social worker, I highly recommend this CD.

Another great CD by this author. Relaxing, calming beautiful and does what it says it will do and more.No fluffy stuff, stuff you need that helps you with anxiety. Thank you.

Her voice is excellent and never, never distracting. The words she uses effectively relax. I've tried many, many products like this and I can finally recommend this one without any reservations.

Best CD I've ever heard. I've been using this almost every night for two months and its WORKING. If you are like I was , always worrying myself sick, you need to get this. Really, I feel like she pulled me out of the deep end of the pool ! I've tried many others and this one is the best.

This CD is incredibly beneficial to soothe both mind and body. It is as healing and relaxing as the most blissful spa treatment. It is profoundly healing for total body health and well being.

This CD is incredibly beneficial to soothe both mind and body. It is as healing and relaxing as the most blissful spa treatment. It is profoundly healing for total body health and well being.


What a superb CD. This is an experienced hypnotherapist with a wonderful soothing voice. The result is magical. I recommend it highly for anyone with sleep issues.

I really enjoyed the music and Roberta has a soothing voice. It did what it was supposed to - I fell asleep right at the end of the CD!

I work as an administrative secretary in a high school and my work is very stressful and I have found it very difficult to sleep at night. Since listening to Roberta Shapiro's Sleep Solutions and just listening to her soothing voice I have been sleeping and I wake up feeling so much better. Thank you, Roberta.

I love it! An effortless initiation to the magical world of mindful meditation whose effects promote both healthful sleep and anxiety free wakefulness

I in turn, am deeply grateful to a real professional for creating something that I get to recommend without a moment's hesitation - what a great gift to give yourself or anyone you really care about knowing that it is a healthy and effective alternative to a peaceful and tranquil night's sleep.

Take a magical journey to sublime sleep on the wings of Roberta's soothing words

Roberta's soft voice and her choice of background music make the CD a powerful sleep aid.

Roberta, your sleep CD is amazing. It is more effective than any sleep medication I've ever used....I sleep comfortably, don't wake up, and am rested to start a new day.

I’m never without my Sleep Solutions Program. I take it with me everywhere. I’m guaranteed a restful nights sleep even in a strange bed (it’s magic on the plane too). Now, when I’m in need of a calm quite place all I have to do is slip those headphones on and ahhh……it’s detoxification for the mind.

What a fabulous sleeping aid by a skilled professional with a wonderful, soothing voice. It trains the mind to the wonderful benefits of meditation and hypnosis and is safer and more effective than any pill.

I found The Calming Collection to be an excellent sleep aid for my patients with chronic insomnia. I highly recommend it to all of my insomnia patients.

I had really hard time getting to sleep. I downloaded this and it helped a lot. I could never get through the end of it because it worked that well for me.

Roberta Shapiro's voice is soothing and her techniques are right on target. I highly recommend this CD if you have trouble going to sleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Just put it in your I-Pod and let it do its work.

I used to rely on drugs on a regular basis to go to sleep and stay asleep. After using this CD for a month I no longer struggle with going to sleep and I can put myself back to sleep if I wake up early, or I just want to relax and sleep in. Now, I usually fall asleep in the first five minutes. Even when I use different CDs, I still use some of the skills taught in this CD, signal breath and clearing my mind. I highly recommend this CD if you have trouble falling or staying asleep.