Learn to Listen

The Calming Collection

  • SLEEP SOLUTIONS can be listened to nightly if you wish, to embed the suggestions in your mind that enable you to more quickly and easily turn your mind off for a sound and restful sleep. . Some people even find it beneficial to listen so often that they have memorized the meditation aspect of the CD’s. The more you listen, the more you understand and begin to employ the benefits of meditation to send away thoughts that prevent you from a refreshing night’s sleep.
  • GOODBYE WORRIES will train you, over time to automatically and immediately send away bothersome thoughts and create a barrier against fears, anxieties and worries.
  • GOODBYE ANXIETY, GOODBYE FEAR should be listened to on a daily basis if possible for the first few weeks to powerfully train your mind, through meditation, hypnosis, imaginal training, visualization and exposure to eliminate fears and phobias, no matter how long they have been present in your life.
  • THE WEIGHT IS OVER is also most beneficial when listened to daily for the first thirty days, to empower you to embed the ability to create the life style and eating changes you have so long desired to have.
  • Research has shown the benefits of relaxing music before sleep, so even those without sleep problems can benefit tremendously by the relaxation component of the CD.
  • You can listen to the CD’s in any manner that is most comfortable for you, whether head set, ear buds, from a nearby stereo. Only your comfort matters!
  • Finally, please remember, to use the bathroom and turn off the phone before listening, and make yourself comfortable.
  • Remember, the more you listen to these CD’s, the better. That is the incredible benefit of hypnosis and meditation. You are training and conditioning your mind to make the powerful changes you have long wished for, through the power of your incredible subconscious mind.