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Goodbye Anxiety, Goodbye Fear: is a series of programs designed to train you to soothe your mind and banish obsessive worries and negative thoughts with hypnosis and meditation. Train your mind to quiet your thoughts anytime.


Guided Meditation and Hypnosis CD - Goodbye Fear-of flying, driving, doctors, dentists, social situations, confrontations, public speaking, relationships, and everything else

Program List:

  1. Introduction to Goodbye Anxiety, Goodbye Fears
  2. General Fears
  3. Fear of Flying
  4. Fear of Driving
  5. Breath Meditation Release

Listen to Track Samples:

  • 2- Introduction to Goodbye Anxiety, Goodbye Fear (Listen)
  • 2- General Fears (Listen)
  • 3- Fear of Flying (Listen)
  • 4- Fear of Driving (Listen)
  • 5- Breath Meditation Release (Listen)

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