• Why The Calming Collection CD's?

    The CalmingCollection CD’s are made by a highly trained professional, Roberta Shapiro, who has gained extensive knowledge from her training and many years working with anxiety and sleep issues. Many audio CD's are not made by professionals and are therefore far less effective. These CD’s have won awards, including being mentioned on Billboard, being Number One on Amazon for over a year, and being on the cover of several national magazines.
  • How To Use The Calming Collection CDs?

    These CD's combine two very powerful techniques of hypnosis and meditation into one powerful program to help you achieve your goals more easily and directly. Hypnosis helps achieve this through the power of your unconscious mind, while meditation teaches you focus, thought control and reduction of anxiety. Combining the two is an incredibly powerful tool for reaching a calm state of mind and for achieving your goals. For additional information refer to Directions For Use.
  • Is Sleep Solutions Used Only For Sleep?

    The CD Sleep Solutions can be used both for sleep and for general anxiety management. Even if you don't have sleep problems, but an overactive mind, you can put yourself into a calmer state before sleep with the beautiful music, soft lulling ocean sounds, and the soothing voice of Roberta Shapiro. Research has shown that soft music can be of great benefit when used right before going to sleep.
  • Should The Sleep Solutions CD Be Listened To Every Night?

    This is totally up to you. Many people like is to listen so often that the CD’s are memorized, and if need be they can run it through in their minds without even listening to it. It's amazing how this practice alone can put one either to sleep, or into a much more relaxed state. However, if you do listen every night it can be very beneficial. Relaxation and meditation have been shown to lower blood pressure, help with irritable bowel and a number of other anxiety- related health conditions.
  • Should One Use Headphones, Speakers, or Ear buds?

    This is totally dependent on your preference. Many people now prefer to download this program into an iPod™ and listen to it that way. Whichever way you like best is the right way to do it. Some people prefer to loop the CD so that it runs over and over all night long. Again, all that matters is your preference.
  • What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which a person becomes more and focused and open to suggestion.
  • What Is Meditation?

    Meditation as a form of mental discipline which brings about calmness and physical relaxation by suspending the stream of thoughts that normally occupy the mind. Meditation is used to reduce stress and elevate one's mood.
  • Why combine hypnosis and meditation?

    Roberta Shapiro, who is Board Certified in Hypnosis, has found from her extensive practice that combining hypnosis and meditation provides more rapid and beneficial results for sleep, stress management, and achieving one's goals than either hypnosis or meditation alone. She calls this hyno-meditation.